The Professional Pipe Organ Repair & Tuning Company You Need!

Pianist playing on a pianoHas the pipe organ in your church started to sound flat on a few notes? How long have you been looking online for a business that can offer outstanding pipe organ repair & tuning services? Whatever the case might be, if you’re having issues with a keyboarded musical instrument, you can be sure that Dean of Music will make everything alright. Situated in Reedsburg, WI, our team will provide you with superior sound installation services, electronic organ repair, and much more!

Here, at Dean of Music, we have an incredible professional fascination with musical equipment and instruments – this is why our professionals have dedicated their careers to helping people with their instrument troubles. Today, our business continues to be the most preferred pipe organ repair & tuning service provider!

With over 40 years in the musical industry, we remain as the most reliable piano and electronic organ repair contractor in the area. Whether you’re having issues with the piano you own at your place or the church organ in your establishment needs to be properly maintained, you can be sure that we are the experts that will do everything!

Besides working with digital instruments, our Reedsburg, WI team also specializes in working with acoustic pianos and even antique pump organs. But that’s not all – if you would like to receive additional information on our sound system services and products, all you have to do is send us your questions via the provided contact form or give us a direct call at the phone number listed below!

Call at (608) 524-5848 for a highly efficient

electronic organ repair.



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